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Here is my take on Absolute Jacker. I cannot decide if I like this or videojacker better. Video Jacker seems to a bit more “shady” to me, because changing content on another site seems wrong. Adding to it with popups seems less like I am really tricking someone.

In the end, this all started with trust jacker. Then it moved on to many other copy cats. None of them really caught my eye until video jacker. How crazy! with video Jacker, you can change the content on other people’s websites! You could possibly make yourself the #1 most sought after Entrepreneur on Forbes. You could add your opt in form on someone elses affiliate site, someone elses opt in page, someone elses content.

Is it legal? To be honest I am still not sure where the line is blurred.

So what makes Absolute jacker have anything on video Jacker? Well… that is the big deal. Absolute Jacker is the only “Jacker” software that can be used on big sites like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, iTunes… the list goes on!250x250

The other Jacker Software gets “blocked” with iframe blockers, and I am not quite sure why this does not happen with Absolute Jacker… but apparently, it does not. Furthermore it lets us send facebook notifications and all kinds of other cool little features that I must say really make my teeth show.

So. this is something new, and I cannot wait to get my hands working all over it. This is possibly the best way to build a list in big niches like weight loss. And I think I am going to give it a try. I have lost a lot of weight, and I am ready to make it work in my monetary favor.



Use Absolute Jacker to make $100 or more per day?

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Do you make the kind of money you want to?

Because in the end there are 3 steps to making money online…

1. Promote or sell something… duh!
2. Get lots of traffic… yep!
3. Get people to TRUST you… doh!

Steps 1 and 2 are what everyone has learned to do.

It is easy to find offers to promote. And Traffic can be bought.

The true struggle is often in the trust factor… who are you… and why should I trust you?


I have no reason to trust you, or your super duper opportunity. Where is your authority?

Even if you have the trust of some people, you probably want more!

That is why I want to introduce you to my friend AJ. AJ is the coolest kid on the block, because he can get your ads, opt in forms, and even more cool stuff all over Facebook, YouTube, CNN, ESPN, iTunes, or The New York Times!

wait, what?…

Does that sound legal to you? Nope. Not to me. But apparently it can be legal.

Watch the video on the official page to see how you can start borrowing other site’s authority and get yourself paid for it.



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