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Evergreen Business System Review: Scheduling

we have already talked about time zones and the way the evergreen business system solves the problems that arrive with live webinars… but how about scheduling? How exactly does the webinar scheduling interface work? That is exactly what you and I will be discussing in this Evergreen Business Syste3m Review. this is another reason for excitement, because Mike Filsame has done something different. Here are just a few of the options that I can remember from the demo that I saw before it was released to the public: 1. You can choose specific days of the week for the...

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Evergreen Business System Review: Recording

How to record or create evergreen webinars for the evergreen business system by Mike Filsame? This is one of the best parts and the answer is as  simple or complex as you want it to be. Why? Because Mike Filsame’s “Evergreen Business System” works with any video you got, in any way you want. I know, you want specifics, and you get them… Your first choice is the ability to use recordings of slide shows that you can do complety free if you have a computer. All you  need is two pieces of software, and a microphone. The software:...

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Evergreen Business System Review: Importance of timezones

The Evergreen Business System finally addresses the issue of webinars and timezones. People who follow me know that I spend a whole lot of time in Japan, and that can make it really difficult for me to attend webinars that I am really excited about attending. If you are in Australia or New Zealand… Or even the UK, you probably know what I am talking about. The fact is, with traditional webinars, you are missing out on a huge group of people that just have no way of making it to your event. But all that changes with the...

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Evergreen Business System Bonus 1

The first Evergreen Business System Bonus I offer is a complete done for you evergreen launch sequence using wordpress on your cPanel hosting. If you do not have hosting, or do not have cPanel, we will have to work something else out. I will not work with Gdaddy hosting. I have invested thousands of dollars into being able to create awesome launch sequences for you, and while I could charge a pretty penny to make custom launch pages, I am giving them away as just one of over 10 bonuses for Mike Filsame’s new product, the Evergreen Business System...

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evergreen business system review: 2 digit conversions

So you are interested in Mike Filsame’s Evergreen Business System, and you want to know the inside scoop -you want to know what exactly it does, and what bonus you can get when you purchase through an affiliate like myself. Well this is your lucky day because this is the first of many content packed posts that I am going to do on the Evergreen Business System. I have seen the inner workings, and quite frankly, I have never been this excited about a new product coming to the market. This post is about 2 digit conversions. In Mike...

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My current fav new product: EverWebinar!

EverWebinar Bonus Click the link above to see the product.

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