This video is about INTERNAL optimization of your videos and youtube channel.

1. make sure video is on autoplay

2. start subscribing to other people ans sending friend requests.(You should choose people that are friends with or subscribe to someone ELSE in your niche… yes… STEAL THE COMPETITIONS FRIENDS AND SUBSCRIBERS.

3. The more interesting and RELATIVE name your channel has, the more these people are likely to check your channel.

4. when someone checks your channel, you get a free view, because your video is on auto-play.

5. Do the friend requesting and subscribing AUTOMATICALLY all day long with TubeToolbox<— free software download link

It is free for a limited account. I have a professional account and will use it for you. You can do extra optimization with a free account, or purchase a pro account in the future. These links are affiliate links, but the product is free to use regardless. Get more information here:

As you know, my secret is to over optimize the YouTube video, INSTEAD of the website (optimizing both the website and YT video is also a very good thing to do, but the video always wins in ranking if you optimize them equally… so you will get higher rankings with less work)

Stay tuned for the EXTERNAL OPTIMIZATION that really gets you ranked… big time.