I use easy VSL like crazy since it came out.

Script Doll Bonus

I still use powerpoint for really really short slideshows… but any “Video Sales Letter” length slide show with hundreds for slides now gets made (at least primarily) inside of Easy VSL. there is simply no other software that can make slides this fast.

I am offering a bonus AND my recommendation for this product.

I will offer a bonus for any product you want to buy, regardless of whether I recommend it. If you want it, and I can provide extra value to you, I will…


HOWEVER… I only put my seal of approval on products that I really think can make a difference. Easy VSL is one of those products. It is a “use every day” kind of a product, it is not a 1 hit wonder in my book. The other product that works together with Easy VSL like peanut butter and jelly is Script Doll, another highly recommended product. See my Script Doll bonus here


Again… you can see my Easy VSL Bonus here

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