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I will give you an extra bonus of your choice for each BUYER that you refer to my affiliate link. you will get your bonus when I get commission for their purchase, and only after the refund period has expired.

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[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Look. I know how to get on the first page. I can show you ALL my secrets too[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

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[headline_arial_extra_large_left color=”#000000″]The Big Bonus List:[/headline_arial_extra_large_left]


$100 Apple or Amazon Gift Card and NO other bonus from the choices below

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Option B: NO gift card, and 1 or 2 of the choices below

Bonus 1:

Done with you webinar to sell the service or product of your choice.

This will be optimized to work well on an evergreen system

Includes one hour planning session and one hour for actual webinar recording

Bonus 2:

Done for you Evergreen Product Launch Site.
Includes custom made header if neccessary.
*there are hosting requirements: contact for info

Bonus 3:

Intense done for you traffic and access to the blueprint of how I get you the traffic.

You will be able to duplicate these strategies worth well over $3,000 in traffic generation, and you will be able to duplicate them for only $6

…more on this in a second…

Bonus 4:

Made For You Product That You Can Sell or give away during the webinar.

Bonus 4 digital card is redeemable for 6 months from the date bonus is made available.

Bonus 5:

Done for you webinar graphic header or 3D product design.

Bonus 3 digital card is redeemable for 6 months from the date bonus is made available.

Bonus 6:

Slick Intro Video on par with the one that you saw on the intro to this video.

Bonus 4 is redeemable for 6 months from the date bonus is made available.

Bonus 7:

YouTube optimization to get you found on YouTube, the second most searched search engine in the world.

Bonus 8:

My no fluff members site that shows you exactly how I provide the traffic generating bonuses that I offer, so you can copy me if you like

Available even before you buy when you opt in to my bonus list.

Bonus 9:

Resale Rights to
my yet to be released six dollar traffic blueprint, that shows the exact steps to get over $3,000 worth of traffic generation for $6

AND, this awesome promo video, customized with your website address…

Bonus 10:

AVAILABLE TO EVERY PURCHASER FROM NOW ON IF STILL RUNNING. If the mastermind dissipates due to low attendance, then you will have access to the recordings of any mastermind that I completed.

3 Full Months of my webinar and Marketing Mastermind Group, where we will have group calls to discuss the different marketing techniques, relay goals, and give tips learned in successes.

You will learn advanced webinar techniques from and…

Most importantly, we will keep eachother accountable to taking action that makes us successful

Bonus 11:

20 minute Keyword research call with me.


Bonus 12:

Facebook Opt in system… Click the button DIRECTLY below my video to see how it works.



[three_columns_1]So what is the deal with Mike Filsame’s Evergreen Business System? Does it have what it takes to be the biggest product of the year? To be honest, I am a little angry that Mike has chosen such a miniscule price tag… I think this is hands down the best software product of the year, and the low price [/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]means it is harder for me to give awesome bonuses… but never fear. To be honest, when I wrote the bonus list for Mike’s Evergreen Business System, I was cringing at the amount of work it is going to take me to fulfill them. I never work that cheap… and yet I am providing this many bonuses for one reason[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]I want you to like know and trust me. Get ready, to get the best bonus and review that you can find anywhere, as I take this page, and the connected blog, to new heights with nonstop fresh reviews and bonuses… So bookmark this page, because you are going to want to see the ever changing bonuses, and add your recommendations to the bonus mix[/three_columns_3]

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[headline_arial_extra_large_left color=”#000000″]If you want all these bonuses then:[/headline_arial_extra_large_left]


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[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]This System Is Right For You If:[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

[green_tick_1_list width=”75%”]

  • You are not getting 10% or higher conversions in your sales funnel
  • You are looking for something totally automated to get you:
  • Viral Referrals
  • The ATTENTION of your prospects
  • Social Proof
  • You Want to save up to $500 a month to host webinars
  • And sales… lots of sales


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[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]With The Evergreen Business System You Get[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

[green_tick_1_list width=”75%”]

  • Easy Registration Page Layout selection and the option to fully customize it
  • SMS reminders for webinars… to increase prospect attendance and sales
  • Done For You registration Thank you page… explains webinar time and gives calendar sync options
  • Personalized Webinar Broadcast link that allows you to customize their experience
  • Integration with all major auto responders
  • Automatic Custom Webinar Reminders
  • Attendee list for social proof, shows a list of all attendees that ever watched
  • Delayed buttons, buy buttons, download buttons, delayed POLLS, and results!
  • Amazing Split Testing
  • Unlimited Webinars, unlimited times
  • Built In Tracking
  • That is just the beginning


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[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]So What Bonuses Do I Offer? Check Back Often! This Bonus List WILL Change Often! bonuses May Be Removed Or Improved…[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

[green_tick_1_list width=”75%”]

  • Done With You Webinar To Start Selling Something Fast, and Make Money
  • Done For You Product To Promote On The Webinar If Necessary
  • Custom intro video and grapics for webinar
  • Done For You Evergreen Launch System That ROCKS
  • Customize your wordpress site to be mobile friendly
  • Done For you traffic generation with my insane traffic strategies
  • Membership site that shows you exactly how I get you traffic —so you can do it yourself if you want
  • Done for you keyword research
  • Private Label Rights to my never before released Traffic Blueprint ( How to get over $3000 worth of traffic for just $6)
  • I will Optimize Your YouTube Channel so you can push lots of traffic to your webinar
  • Secret Bonuses Yet to be revealed


[line_break]I give my bonuses in a timely manner once I have received my commission[/line_break]

[features_box_light_green width=”65%” + border=”2px”]

“Jesse was great and honored his end of the deal, even sending my bonus to the UK at no extra charge, which was more than fair. He also kept in regular contact throughout the process and I could not ask for more. The next time I order a program I’ll be sure to check out what Jesse has to offer because I know from experience that he will honor it.”

Phil S., London


[line_break]I make quick contact and make sure you get what you want and need[/line_break]

[features_box_light_green width=”65%” + border=”2px”]

“My experience was that Jesse has made contact with me within just a few minutes of my deciding to purchase the Video Boss package through his link at http://thevideoboss2bonus.com, introduced himself and welcomed me to his group. This is the first time that I’ve had this level of personal dealings with any affiliate marketer. Well done Jesse!”

John Kumm


[line_break]Yay! People like me…. I like people too[/line_break]

[features_box_light_green width=”65%” + border=”2px”]

“What is even more incredible than this offer is the person behind it. Jesse Ali is a real person who is offering real value.”

Lou Riley


[line_break]I am for real, this is not a game[/line_break]

[features_box_light_green width=”65%” + border=”2px”]

“Jesse is the man.  He literally was giving away such good bonuses that I switched my purchase from a different affiliate to him.  He delivered as promised and is a great guy.  In a world of faceless affiliates who don’t add anything helpful to the sale, Jesse understands the adding real value.  He is the real deal. ”

Brian G.



[order_box_1 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]

When you click the order button (with my affiliate link in it) that will appear here on August 2nd, you will get

[black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • The FULL Evergreen Business Sytem
  • My Bonuses and Membership Site with Video Training Of What I do NOW that works.
  • My bonuses are valued at $3000 just for the time I give, and not the money I will spend for you.


  • The ability to mastermind with other members of my group
  • Watch the webinar replay of the best video salesletter copywriter ever, “Chris Haddad”
  • No one else offers as much, that is why I am not afraid to show my bonuses before launch date
  • No one can copy me anyway… or at least no one is willing to!



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Leave your own rating of this product in the comments below!

Bonus information:

When you purchase using my affiliate link (any link to any product on this page): you get 1 Bonus credit for each $10 you spend. Up to a maximum of 6 credits. Please allow me 24 hours to respond to you on business days (longer on weekends and holidays). I spend a large majority of my time in Japan, so our time zones are likely different.