So you are interested in Mike Filsame’s Evergreen Business System, and you want to know the inside scoop -you want to know what exactly it does, and what bonus you can get when you purchase through an affiliate like myself.

Well this is your lucky day because this is the first of many content packed posts that I am going to do on the Evergreen Business System. I have seen the inner workings, and quite frankly, I have never been this excited about a new product coming to the market.

This post is about 2 digit conversions.

In Mike Filsame’s Evergreen Business System Video, we learn that there are many ways to market online, but that only one way really gets the big 2 digit conversions all year long. Can you guess? Webinars. So lets take a look at the various ways that you can market online, and how effective they are.

1. Well, you can drive people straight to a sales page… like most people do on clickbank. On average, you are looking at a max of two percent conversions. That is not very high, when traffic is getting harder and more expensive to get.

2. You can use a landing page and grab prospective buyer email addresses… but then you are dealing with low email open rates, and even then… a tough time getting the openers to buy your stuff,

3. Or you could try a launch… but the whole launch thing has lost its wow factor… and your “free content” is now seen as nothing more than preperation to sell something… even if you are really providing good content.

4. OR you can do something that Mike says is bringing in double digit conversions all year long.


Ok, not so new you say… there are already plenty of automated webinar systems out there. But nothing this cool… and nothing this cheap. More posts coming at you at machine gun speed, so stay on the lookout.

OK, now it is time you took a look at how my bonuses can help you, and let me know if there is any other bonus that you would like to see. I am on an anti “information product bonus” RANT, and I am sick of seeing people push gazabillion dollar bonuses that are actual crap bonus courses that are going to distract you and waste your time.

See my Evergreen Business System Bonus today and check back to see it keep getting better!


evergreen business system review: 2 digit conversions

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