The Evergreen Business System finally addresses the issue of webinars and timezones. People who follow me know that I spend a whole lot of time in Japan, and that can make it really difficult for me to attend webinars that I am really excited about attending.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand… Or even the UK, you probably know what I am talking about.

The fact is, with traditional webinars, you are missing out on a huge group of people that just have no way of making it to your event.

But all that changes with the Evergreen Business System. Because Mike Filsame has taken the idea of automated webinars to the next level with a simple selection to allow the webinar time to be the same in every time zone. This of course, on top of the option to have a webinar playing an unlimited number of times during a week.

Not currently part of the system… I could imagine the ability to take a poll and that asks what time is the best time for them to attend a webinar, and then BAM, you can send all your future webinars to be exactly at the right time. there are no features YET, that I know of that allow you to customize webinar times per individual OTHER than timezones at this point… but obviously it is very likely the future…

Heck, maybe I can convince Mike to update it, or maybe I could make a plug in or something. …just thinking out loud here.

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Until after my flight from Japan to the US… when I will be putting up a whole lot of new posts!

Evergreen Business System Review: Importance of timezones

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