How to record or create evergreen webinars for the evergreen business system by Mike Filsame?

This is one of the best parts and the answer is as  simple or complex as you want it to be.
Why? Because Mike Filsame’s “Evergreen Business System” works with any video you got, in any way you want.

I know, you want specifics, and you get them…

Your first choice is the ability to use recordings of slide shows that you can do complety free if you have a computer. All you  need is two pieces of software, and a microphone.

The software:
Powerpoint (PC), keynote (MAC), or a free version included in an open source application called “open office” that works on both PC and MAC


Screen recording software like Camtasia and Screenflow. There are plenty of  free screen recorders out there, like Cam Sudio and Jing.

so what do you record? well that depends on what you got going on so far. If you already have your own product  or an affiliate offer that you promote, then you need to find the marketing tactic you used to bring in the most sales and work from there.

If you purchase through my Evergreen Business system bonus link, then you will have the what to say part taken care of, because I will personally do a webinar with you that you can use to sell your product, an affiliate product, or even a product I give you to sell. that is just one of over 10 bonuses that you can get.

What else can you use to record or make you webinar? Any video you have or make. You could use a past webinars recording, you can use a webcam, you can use screen capture, you can use a video of a real life interview, you can use anything you want, but it will probably be best to simulate what would be done on a live webinar and use “computer based” recordings like webcam, screen capture, and slide shows.

any other ideas about what you could use? I would love to hear what you think!

Keep your eyes open, there is always more info coming about the evergreen business system and other big internet marketing at

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Evergreen Business System Review: Recording

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