we have already talked about time zones and the way the evergreen business system solves the problems that arrive with live webinars… but how about scheduling? How exactly does the webinar scheduling interface work? That is exactly what you and I will be discussing in this Evergreen Business Syste3m Review.

this is another reason for excitement, because Mike Filsame has done something different. Here are just a few of the options that I can remember from the demo that I saw before it was released to the public:

1. You can choose specific days of the week for the webinar to play, and as many specific times on those days as you choose
2. You can choose to HIDE upcoming webinars from new registrants for the number of days that you choose
Why would you want to do this? Well lets say that you have a webinar that plays every Wednesday and Friday.
If someone signs up on a Tuesday, you could show them that there is a webinar on the next day if you want to… but if you do not, you can show them the Friday time, have a chance to really SELL them on the webinar, and then lock them in for Friday. This will require split testing to know what works best for your list and your products, but the option is awesome.

And speaking of split tests… that is another feature of the Evergreen Business System that you can finally do easily without trying to add strange split testing code into crazy html documents that I sure do not understand.
Get ready for another rock solid but living green, Evergreen Business System Review coming right at you in minutes… because I just cannot write enough about the software that is putting the biggest smile on my face this year.

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Evergreen Business System Review: Scheduling

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