Getting Featured By a GURU… in 2012

(Like by Brendon Burchard in Experts Academy Elite Online Coming January 9th)


I have been marketing online for around 4 years I guess… or at least learning about creating and marketing an online business. It sure seems like I have been doing it longer, because I completely forgot that 3 YEARS AGO, I was once featured by one of the biggest internet marketers out there, Mike Dillard (Elevation Group).

Brendon’s first video: http://://

Watch it for a chance to win an iPad 2 (terms/conditions on the home page)

I was and still am the NUMBER ONE featured video on his sales page for a product called PPC Domination.


You have to scroll down the page a bit you can see it here when you click the picture:


(Ya, its an affiliate link, but who is going to buy a product that came out before we had HD videos online? lol.)


The point is, I purchased the product, USED it, got results and then was offered the chance to get my name out there by sharing my pretty cool results.


So what is in your way of being featured by a GURU? You guessed it… NOTHING! The only thing you have to do is participate in a course fast. For example… I joined Cross Channel Mojo at the last minute before cart close. THAT was a mistake… because I missed the first webinar. I immediately found myself playing catch up.


But if I joined immediately upon cart open, then I could have easily been the first person to complete the first homework exercise, get results, post them up, and win a fame (and a cool prize)


The first person to simply TAKE NOTES in the group won the opportunity to get featured at the LIVE Cross Channel Mojo event in San Diego this May.


Now, May is my birthday month, and that would have been an awesome birthday present. So NOW… I am in a big rush to make my big appearance in the MOJO scene.


That being said, if you feel like you already have what it takes to go out, with authority, and bring people INTO your business online, then go do it! You can be featured by making WAVES with a technique from a past product purchase, and then sending your results to that guru. It will be harder than with a new course, because your results are going to need to be significantly better than the results of “early winners,” but I believe in you


If you do not feel you can go out and make waves with your current knowledge, then you should at least go through Brendon Burchard’s free course on how to become a highly paid expert, and if you are reading this on or after January 9th, 2012… then there will be a link below.


If you already have the knowledge… forget about this, and USE IT. If you need an extra edge… then watch the free course from Brendon using the link below (on or after January 9th, 2012)



For more information on how to make the MOST out of any course you purchase in 2012, watch this video:



Get Featured By a GURU? Simple.

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