Guru Product Blueprints Bonus

Guru Product Blueprints by Eben Pagan is coming soon. When it does, you can be sure to get my Bonus iPad 3 OR pretty much anything else you could ever want right here. You can also get a large list of other bonuses if you so choose… I have given bonuses like Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros… I have given away instruments… I have given away all kinds of crazyness.

You can even win an iPad 3 just for joining my product and bonus notification list… it is all really simple.

Eben Pagan will be teaching how he created his information products that sold for millions of dollars… He calls it his “latest information product publishing training” and Eben said in a special call for affiliates like me, that he really likes to see his customers succeed.

My Guru Product Blueprints Review

I can say without a doubt that my experience is in perfect alignment with what he is saying. I have been in the online publishing world for a long time now, creating my own relationship and dating products, and helping many many other people publish their information products online by doing the back end work for them… I have come to be known as the “Web Tech Ninja,” and even bought the domain, where you can learn FOR FREE, how to set up and manage a website to help manage the tech aspects of information publishing, and information marketing online.

Went on a tangent there… so my experience is that Eben really has created greatness… there are many that would say Brendon Burchard is a product of Eben Pagan’s training, and it is funny that Many of their products are almost the same product… I love Brendon, because he put an extra spice and excitement into the training, and he also does have his own content and way of getting it across… but his products always come out AFTER Eben, so there it does appear that Brendon is inspired in a big way, by Eben Pagan.

The Guru Product Blueprint will be a 10 week course, weekly live webinars with Eben… with 3 live virtual events, that are very much like going to a huge conference that is put on by any of the other big guru’s… the only difference is that you do not have to pay airfare, or hotel fare, so you get to keep spending your money on your business, instead of on travel and lodging expenses… this is a HUGE PLUS in my book, because I live in Japan much of the time, and while 10XNYC in New York with Brendon Burchard was fun… but, travel expenses killed my wallet.

If you can reach the next level, if you can create your biggest and best information product yet… or your FIRST information product, this has got to be the very best place to get it done…

Get ready to see the first video on July 2nd… it is going to have techniques that Eben has only taught in his paid products before.

You are going to be able to GET WORK DONE, and Get a chance to get RECOGNIZED by Eben, and win a prize for best submission. You could win one of 12 iPads or 4 Macbook Pros!!! That is awesome, and you could win another iPad from me, just for signing up to my list! I will be drawing the bonus iPad out of a hat after Eben’s launch is finished!

So what if I am already familiar with information products, and I am sick of getting “beginner content?”  OOORRRR what if I am a beginner and I do not want to be overwhelmed?

Beginners training for beginners
Pro training for people with experience 
YEEEESSS!!! they will be separate. Very nice.

In any case, this is just a post to get your feet wet… there is soooo much cool stuff in his coming training… that mind mind is spinning at all the possibilities to take this training.

I know one thing… if I can, I am going to win myself a MacBook Pro! If it is the new Retina Display, that would ROCK!

More soon!

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How do my bonuses work? Full Disclosure

  1. You must CLEAR YOUR COOKIES purchase the product with my affiliate link (if you purchase with any link or button on this site, you should be good)
  2. The BONUS IS NOT IMMEDIATE in most cases. I have to get my commission first… and that has taken over 2 months and LONGER if you buy with a pay plan.
  3. Any and all physical bonuses will be released to you after I get the full commission from your order, and not before… on the 12 month pay plan for a specific offer? You are going to have to wait over 12 months to get your bonus.
  4. Open a bonus claim ticket by clicking the upper right hand side of my site… include a copy of the order number, or reciept or any information that I can use to verify that your order shows in my back office… they do not give me your name in many cases to protect your privacy. That is why I will need your order number.
  5. In the claim ticket tell me all the specifics of what bonus option you chose etc. If it is an iPad… what color do you want? Where should I ship it? Day or nighttime shipping… and if it is an Apple product, I need your phone number for ordering from Apple.
  6. The ticket will remain OPEN until you get your bonus! this is the only way I can keep track of all the bonuses, so I do not forget about you.