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Mike Filsaime’s SiteSales Bonus

Site Sales by Mike Filsaime is here. And you can be sure to get my Bonus $100 gift card of your choice OR pretty much anything else you could ever want right here. You can also get a large list of other bonuses if you so choose… I have given bonuses like no other… I have even given away instruments.You can even win an iPad 3 just for joining my product and bonus notification list… it is all really simple.

Mike’s system will be causing tech troubles for internet marketers to be obsolete!

Mike Filsaime’s Site Sales Review

iPad Giveaway Ending Soon! 

Get Entered To Win An iPad Here No Purchase Necessary!

(The giveaway requires no purchase. The BONUS, requires a purchase… two separate things)


How do my bonuses work? Full Disclosure

  1. You must CLEAR YOUR COOKIES purchase the product with my affiliate link (if you purchase with any link or button on this site, you should be good)
  2. The BONUS IS close to immediate in this case. I have to get my commission first… and that should only take 24 hours.
  3. Any and all physical bonuses will be released to you after I get the full commission from your order, and not before… on the 12 month pay plan for a specific offer? You are going to have to wait over 12 months to get your bonus.
  4. Open a bonus claim ticket by clicking the upper right hand side of my site… include a copy of the order number, or reciept or any information that I can use to verify that your order shows in my back office… they do not give me your name in many cases to protect your privacy. That is why I will need your order number.
  5. In the claim ticket tell me all the specifics of what bonus option you chose etc. If it is a gift card? Where should I ship it? Day or nighttime shipping… and if it is an Apple product, I need your phone number for ordering from Apple.
  6. The ticket will remain OPEN until you get your bonus! this is the only way I can keep track of all the bonuses, so I do not forget about you.