Was I conned? $47 ticket to Traffic and conversion Summit?

Traffic and conversion summit for just $47? After people offer me over $1000 for old tech worth more like $100, I start to get weary…

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Is she a con artist? I bet she is… I started selling my old iPhone 4s on an auction site a few days ago. It is currently bid up to around $60, but a person claiming to be an iPhone loving woman sent me a message saying that she would pay me 1000 euro if I shipped it to her from Japan, and added her email address (against the rules at the auction site)

I replied:

It would be wrong for me to sell it to you for that much, you could buy a brand new iPhone 6 for less than that! I will continue to sell it via the auction as planned.

No reply after that…

so what does being offered $1000 for an iPhone have to do with getting access to the $1997 Traffic and conversion summit for $47?

Everything if it were a con… except it is not a con, it is for real…

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I have wanted to go to the traffic and conversion summit every year, but it is hard to make it there from Japan.
It was not until THIS YEAR… that I got an email telling me I could get access to ALL the amazing content for just $47.

Seriously? $47 for the complete set of data – all inclusive – with every topic fully covered?
that is the truth. I heard somewhere that the price goes up tomorrow, but I cannot find that anywhere on the sales page.

I made the purchase. It is a pre-sale, and the should come out on March 3rd, but plenty to keep us busy with immediate access to 2013 and 2014 summit notes! Traffic and Conversion summit must be the best event in IM, and the details of the entire event can be yours for $47! (at the time of this writing, may be more now)

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Yep, I am an affiliate… and yep, I spent my own $47 to get access

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