At 10XNYC There were 2 overwhelming main points. The first was that Platform Maturity is coming to all the big players. Facebook, Twitter, Google… and once the platforms have matured, our chance to be at the top is no longer really an option, Brendon Says. So how do we take advantage of this window of opportunity? It means getting your Brand established on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all the big places NOW, and using the list below to make it happen much bigger, much faster. Lets not be afraid to outsource a bit.

The Quick List!

Go Take a look at all of these resources and be creative in how you could use them in your business.

[list style=”xred”]

  • Apps or anything else that is mobile
  • Square – swipe credit cards on your phone (Paypal here will probably win according to Brendon)
  • Zong and Boku (why would these be game changers?)
  • USPS Every Door Direct – legal spam to any zip code you want…
  • Blog Frog… WOW women based market? Better than Pinterest by far
  • Turn Here -I still have to check this one out
  • Fiverr – yep, already knew that one – but lets get creative
  • Jigsaw
  • Pinterest
  • Admob


So what does it all mean? Take a look at some of the sites you did not know about, and report back here on how you would use them to propel your business to the top in the last 6 months of 2012. You will find more insights from me soon (I hope!)


PS… on a side note, I am doing a beta test on some unreleased Facebook software, that should be able to increase social proof beyond anything you have seen on Facebook so far,  and I am giving away an iPad 3 in the process. If you want to see more about this unreleased software, I encourage you to enter the contest for the iPad to see how it works. See all the information at http://://



Ultimate Resources For 2012 10X Style

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