Seriously how often should you email your list? Personally, I am shooting to email every day. Why? Because it really comes down to consistency. If I can consistently provide value on a daily basis, then I can consistently bring more traffic to my site, and get higher rankings and more engagement to make my site a place where more people interact with me (and soon others).

Try making that happen with a monthly email. My site would be dead. No visitors from my list… means no people who already know who I am.

You most likely came here from an email, and if I can make that happen, then it means I am doing something right.

According to the notes from the Traffic and Conversion Summit, the only real way to get good traffic now is either from my list, or from paid traffic, like facebook™ and especially retargeting.

I have NEVER been good at facebook™ marketing -but this looks like it could be the answer to my problems:


Will I buy it? Probably not. But I might just hire someone who does buy it to help me with my facebook™ advertising.
But if you want to do it yourself… this has to be the best way I have seen.

You can find my Dark Post Profits 2.0 bonus here:



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Bonus information:

When you purchase using my affiliate link (any link to any product on this page): you get 1 Bonus credit for each $10 you spend. Up to a maximum of 6 credits. Please allow me 24 hours to respond to you on business days (longer on weekends and holidays). I spend a large majority of my time in Japan, so our time zones are likely different.