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Swipe Files. Sales copy ready to go! Get Great ideas for your Email Marketing, sales pages, and more!

Don’t write sales letters from scratch. Use proven Phrases.
1. Headlines If you can’t get this right, you might as well skip the rest of the sales letter because the headline is the first thing (or the last thing) that a person sees on the page of a sales letter. With a beefy selection of headlines, you will be able to catch your prospect’s eye and let the rest of the sales letter do it’s magic! 2. Sub-headlines Double your impact with swipes of sub-headlines. Once the headline has grabbed your reader’s attention, the sub-headline will summarize the benefits in such a way that the customer will be hooked reading the rest of the letter 3. Hypnotic openers ‘Dear reader’, everything that goes after here should be strong, punchy and packed with details. It’s like saying ‘once upon a time’ and opening up the magic of the beginning of the story. Hypnotic openers will get the ball rolling. 4. High converting bullet points If you want to lay the ideas out line after line, make sure it counts. This swipe module will give you the tools to convey your benefits at light speed.
5. Persuasive guarantees If you have difficult customers who just won’t buy, give them a very, very, very strong reason why. Guarantee them that nothing will go wrong and there’s no risk. Find 100 ways to say it persuasively, niff’ said! 6. Benefits To every customer, it’s always ‘WIIFM’ which stands for what’s in it for me? Show them that you mean business by outlining the benefits in different ways. 7. Bonuses Everybody loves bonuses. Find a hundred ways to say ‘I love you’ by showing your customers with throngs of mouth watering free gifts that will make them drool at their sides. 8. Call to action closers You can write a great sales letter, but if you can’t clinch the last moment, it will be worth nothing. You need to get your prospects moving and turn them into customers using these call to action closers. 9. The moment of decision You’ve reached the final blow so it’s time to ‘finish it’! These calls to action closers will tip the one sitting on the fence off to the right side ensuring the sale and your continual profits. 10. Powerful post scripts Ironically, people might skip to the end of the sales letter and this is where you’ll catch them with powerful post scripts. P.S. This is a really powerful module! 11. Engaging questions Questions are really powerful! You may not be sitting in front of the computer watching your customer, but asking questions using in your sales letter is almost as good as being there. Questions engage the prospect and unlocks their mind ensuring that they are interested in what you have to offer. 12. Comparisons Fancy a little social proof? Nothing is better than showing how good your product is by beating down others. You will look better by comparison and this will skyrocket your perceived value! Use 100 of these comparison words to show your true copywriting power! 13. Killer article titles Some people think article marketing is not about copywriting. It’s not true because if no one reads your articles, nothing gets accomplished. And you want to get people to read yours by getting hooked on your title. This is a really powerful tactic in marketing. 14. Bombastic blog post subject lines The same as article titles, the blogging apple doesn’t fall too far away from the content tree. You need attention grabbing blog post subject lines. People and the search engines will pick it up as well. 15. Email marketing subject lines Increasing your click through rate starts from the open rate of emails. If you have a compelling email subject line, you will be able to get people to get to your sales letters. We’ll show you 100 ways how to pull it off. 16. Follow ups and follow throughs Customer not buying yet? Send them email after email. It’s all in the autoresponder anyway so just putting these in will get people to come back to it over and over again until they buy. 17. Personal branding If there’s one thing you must effectively sell more than anything in the world – it would be yourself (or your company). People write resumes all the time. Blog ‘about’ pages, Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, you name it! I
t’s all about you! 18. Getting an idea across Sometimes you might have that killer idea but you don’t know how to get it across. These swipes will guarantee that you will not be at a loss for words when you want to pass the killer idea to your audience. 19. Social media attention grabbers Are you a Facebook or Twitter junkie? These tweets or post updates will get you to increase your click through rates or get you more ‘likes’ on Facebook. Especially powerful if you are in to social media. 20. Newspaper ads Last but not least, these newspaper ad swipes will help you to increase your business. It doesn’t matter if you are online or offline, they get the job done. You will have at least 100 of these to get you started.

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