Ok, so this section will show you every step I take to get #1 on google. (keep in mind that I am not almighty, and we are talking about keywords that are not overly competitive) Keep checking back as I will continually be uploading videos of the SEO work I do for myself as well as clients that have given me permission to use their campaigns.



I optimize the youtube video instead of the website.

Yes, I send almost 100% of my backlinks to my best youtube video, because google loves to rank something in youtube more than it loves to rank some webpage it has never heard of, in some IP it has never heard of. So the task at hand is to make a YouTube video with high enough quality to pre-sell and qualify the customer, and then have them click through to your site.

I have found that this also helps get my sites ranked, but most of the sales I get, come from youtube viewers, so I really do not care about ranking my website… when a video at the top of the page is so much more enticing for someone to click.

This is the secret that I never see being taught anywhere. This is the way I beat people during the MSMM 2.0 fusion launch… an I got first page in just 3 days, and first spot withing 2 weeks.


here are some examples (all the videos that say “uploaded by freelaunchbonus” are me: