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Attract your visitors attention with attractive competitions they can't resist


Compel your new subscriber to take "viral" actions for extra chancesto win


Use your new database to effortlessly segment your leads and maximize sales

Track your data and build a complete social profile for each new subscriber

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We Created In Under 5 Minutes
The OLD Method Of List Building Isn't Dead…

If you have a business online, or you hope to start a business online, it is absolutely essential that you have a list of email subscribers.

Once you have subscribers you'll always be able to make money…   And the more subscribers you have, the more money you can make…   It used to be easy to build a profitable email list but it has become harder and harder…   

More and more people have become "web savvy" and suspicious of giving away their email address.

And Who Can Blame Them!

There is so much rubbish floating around online that many people are wary of signing up for even the very best products and services!

  … and not only are your potential customers now super-sceptical…but many leading Autoresponder services like Aweber refuse to let your subscribers sign up using "non-personal" email addresses…   

And that's why you are seeing, even long-term highly experienced internet marketers, struggling to maintain and grow their lists…   

And it's practically impossible to get your subscribers to sign up with the "BEST EMAIL ADDRESS…"   … unless you are offering something they desperately want to get hold of…

There Is A New Way To Build Email Lists In 2015 And It Works Like Gangbusters

It's been an open secret between internet marketing insiders for the past few months that has put all other list building methods to shame.

And thats competitions…everyone has heard that before yes? but what if I told you there was a new way to run competitions and use the information you collect?   

A way that told you everything you needed to know about your potential customers even down to what social networks they use. 

How powerful would that be.   

Take a look at some of our recent results from contests we have been running.

But LeadIn competition's doesn't work just like any old competition software…on no..once we have the leads in our backend we can build a full picture of them using our CRM.

But first why do competitions work so well   People cannot get enough of them!   

They work by making the user take "micro-commitments" which pre-conditions them to say YES when it comes to entering their email address (and other things… like BUYING!)…   

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because when you replace a quiz with a simple COMPETITION the pressure, desire and commitment to ACT is off the scale!   

Think about it…   

You've got ONE super-attractive prize to give away and everyone wants to win it… NEEDS to win it…

Now Put Yourself In Your Prospects Shoes

You've just made the micro-commitments needed to enter the competition…

And NOW you've got the chance to get MORE entries to win…   

Lots more entries!!!  

Take a look at some of our past competitions and see how many actions our users took…

Imagine your message gets tweeted so many times, you drive so many people to your fan page or get your images pinned.

All you have to do is click a share button, visit a page, recommend a friend, tweet a pre-written tweet… and you could get 5, 10, maybe even 20 more chances to win the prize… 

Now, you think you've got a real chance to win…

You Don't Want To Miss The Email Telling You You're A Winner!

No chance!

So you enter your BEST EMAIL ADDRESS.   

And now you have a happy, excited subscriber and access to all their social data and connections associated with their PRIMARY email address…


But it's going to revolutionise your list building potential in 2015 and will change the way you interact with your potential customers for ever.

Introducing: Leadin: 
Empower Your Campaigns and Bring More
Customers Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Leadin helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and even newbie list builders build highly-targeted subscriber lists. Doing what other competition software does BUT better with a full customer relationship manager built in.

Lock in your lifetime access and get the following:

To get the same power of this software with only some of our amazing features you would have to pay a high monthly fee!

Now You Can Build Your Email List While Selling More Products

You can see Leadin Competition gets results like nothing you have seen before BUT is it hard to use?

No in fact it's so simple to use you can set up any competition in only minutes and start sucking those leads into your funnels.

Step One:The Setup Section

Choose the start and end date for your contest, add in our default T&C. Choose which email list you want your leads added to.

Pick either or all of the login options from email, Twitter and Facebook. Add in your Facebook page get extra likes right on the app.

Step Two:Set Your How To Enter

Choose from the social actions we have that your visitors will use to enter your contest and drive viral traffic.

We have many viral actions you can use, choose from referring a friend to tweet a message, follow on pinterest to visit a facebook page and many more.

Step Three:Set Your Prize

Set up the prize page, we have two options here, either our ready made layout with 6 easy style options or use our easy to use custom drag and drop builder where you can instantly create your own style add in countdown times, videos, layer and more

Then that's it…post to Facebook, add to your blog, share the custom url. It literally takes 5 minutes to set up a custom competition and start building that list.

But is that the end?   

No as soon as your subscriber gives you their email address Leadin goes to work on building up a complete social profile of all the data connected with their email address… 

And remember…   

Because your new subscribers are so excited about winning your competition they are more likely to give you their BEST EMAIL address…   

Which is normally associated with all their most relevant social media properties…  

… and that means you suddenly have far more KEY DATA to use when it comes to segmenting, targeting and SELLING to your subscribers with your offers…     

Imagine how much easier your marketing will be when you know who is hanging out on facebook, or who is always using pinterest…   

Imagine tailoring your advertising precisely to people's facebook behaviors, or twitter data…   

Imagine being able to only send the right marketing message, to the right people at the right time…

This Is How List Building Will Be Done In 2015 And You Can Try It Out Today 100% Risk Free

You're probably wondering by now how much Leadin is going to cost you…

But before I tell you the price, I want to let you know that if you decide to invest today you'll be able to invest 100% risk free…   

Here's the deal…   

Invest today, while the price is at it's least expensive, and you can try out Leadin without any limitations for a FULL 30 Days...   

All I ask is that you try it out properly and follow the simple set up instructions… 

And if after 30 days you don't see a dramatic increase in your ability to attract subscribers then you will be given a full and immediate refund.   

Sound fair?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Plus, Act Today And You'll Get
These Conversion Boosting Bonuses Absolutely FREE…
BONUS ONE - Leadin Rewards

For the next few days you can get the amazing Leadin Rewards sections included free when you buy. After launch this will be sold as a stand alone add on for at least $97 BUT you are getting this included today…if you are one of the fast action takes.

So what is Leadin Rewards?   Well simply put coupled with Leadin Competition you have two of the most powerful ways to build your lists and collect data about your prospects.

Rather then running competitions you can give rewards to your visitors for taking actions. This could be:

  • Visiting your fan page 
  • Tweeting your message 
  • Following you on Twitter 
  • Pinning one of your images 
  • Joining your mailing list 
  • Or all of the above combined   

You can give them anything you like as a reward here is a special offered we shared recently. 

We gave away a free ebook just from that one simple reward we collected over 390 leads and those users took over 821 actions.

This is amazingly easy to use

Give your reward a name 

Decide on whats actions your user needs to take 

Use our drag and drop editor to make this look amazing 

Save then share on Facebook, your blog or via your unique url   

But remember this is only available for a limited time so you need to act now.

BONUS TWO - Competitions Case Studies

For a very limited time we will give you access to our case study where we give you all the nuts and bolts of what makes a competition successful.

So what makes this case study different to all the ones you normally see that accompany software products?   

Well for this one we have used our in house expert on competitions to give you everything you need for your competition business to take off and start collecting data and building leads.   

Our expert has been running niche competitions for a while and in only a short amount of time collected nearly half a million leads from running competitions!

Yes I Said 500,000 Leads!!!

Take a look at some of his past earnings and leads he has generated.

You can imagine how valuable this information is and thats why it will only be available as a bonus for the duration of the launch so if you want to get this and start duplicating what our expert has done. Then you need to act today.

BONUS THREE - Leadin Templates

Leadin templates was going to be our monthly template club, I bet you have seen that many times before, buy the app then you have to pay monthly to get those amazing templates?

Well not with us we are giving you that as a bonus!   

You get access to our templates plus we are adding more each and every week. In fact buy today and you will see some amazing templates added over the next few day

Don't pay monthly for your templates lock them in as a bonus now:

  • Weight loss templates
  • Dieting templates 
  • Make money online templates 
  • Niche templates 
  • And many more

Plus as part of this template club you will get access to our search facility for templates that will be added in the coming weeks

Don't delay lock this in now as a free bonus DON'T pay monthly.

BONUS FOUR - Limited Bonus Agency Level

We are giving you our full agency package. This means that you can sell access to your clients and you can set up competitions and rewards for your clients they get their own fully branded dashboard.

Great way to generate a second income. Start selling access today and give your clients rewards, competitions, full cms in their own own unique branded dashboard.

WORTH $297 - Only Available For A Very Limited Time

Stephen Luc

We tried two other well known giveaway softwares to run our own giveaways. While they were good for a regular contest they just didn't have the features we were looking for to properly monetize the leads. I spent days scouring the web for just one that could do everything we wanted but came up empty handed.

In fact looking at back, I see while our contest was mildly successful it would have been more successful with the right contest software.

Plus one was $500 to have the barebones features we needed and the other was $84/mo. Both had about half of what LeadIn could do.

We were fortunate enough to work with the Leadin team (Paul, Richard, and Mark) who kept adding features that we needed to make this a no brainer for the price.

Why is this good for monetization you may ask? Paul, one of the owners actually walks the walk and has had major success with growing targeted lists with contests and giveaways.

So you can feel safe that you're getting access to software that allows you to tap into Paul's successful campaigns and replicate them with LeadIn.

Mark Bishop - IKKONIK.NET

LeadIn… Neat and inspired Cloud based software that opens up a whole NEW way of building huge lists fast… With free traffic and while making money at the same time… This was a real eye opener for me & I fully intend to exploit this right now

Steve Higson - theprizefinder.com

I was given access to this new competition software early and after testing the software can see how it makes running a competition online so easy to do. The software takes away many of the headaches and is fully automated after launch, even going as far as randomly selecting a winner. I am happy to list any competitions, built by 'Leadin', that adhere to our terms on conditions on our website.

John Thornhill - johnthornhill.com

I was lucky enough to get a beta copy of Leadin and I have to say it’s easy to see how this software will help generate leads for a wide range of people. Its the sort of thing that anyone can implement at anytime, whilst also fast and simple to set up. This truly is an awesome piece of software that takes competition building to a new level

Elston Ruddock

LeadIn is easy to use, and it has all the features I need right now. Everything I've thought of is already included - even retargeting and contact management, yet there's tons more in the pipeline! If you need fully functional sweepstakes software with features designed to generate and manage leads, my advice is don't hesitate!
Your Satisfaction is Absolutely,
Positively Guaranteed!

I know you’ve tried to make money off of contest and giveaways before and it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t your fault. Chances are, you just weren't using Leadin and didnt have access to our in house expert...

But you can rest assured that this simple and effective piece of Internet machinery really works. Simply order today risk-free, and you’ll have a full 30 days to use the product as often as you’d like. 

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact me within 30 days and you’ll get a prompt refund.   No quibbles, no questions, no hoops to jump through. Simply put, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with Leadin, then you don’t pay a single penny. That’s a promise!   So now there’s just one thing left for you to do…

Are You Ready To Try Leadin 
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Listen, there are very few products that even come close to matching the power and functionality that Leadin gives you…

You are welcome to go and take a look, but what you will find is that they all want to tie you into monthly payments of at least $37-$87 per month…   

That's not what's happening here (not today, anyway).   Because today, and for a limited time only Leadin is available for a small ONE TIME payment of just $37…   

… and remember, if it doesn't dramatically increase your subscriber base in the next 30 days then you can claim a full refund…   

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P.S. List building used to be easy. Then it became hard. Then it became almost impossible...
Now, with Leadin it has become easier than it has ever been…   

But like all great breakthroughs, it PAYS to be AHEAD of the pack… 

and by investing today you will be way ahead of everyone else in this new viral list building method…   

… just one successful competition could transform you and your business into an overnight success.   

You have nothing to lose.

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