Information on the latest Internet Marketing launches and the bonuses I offer are just the beginning. I give away so many secrets in my bonus site that it makes wannabes with high cost products cringe at the fact that they cannot compete. You will not be let down when you become a member. This membership has real, simple, powerful techniques to get you traffic, and create sales videos that convert.

Here is a list of some of the bonuses I have offered in the past. Understand that every launch  I promote has different rules that allow or do not allow certain bonuses and promotion styles. I always follow all of the promotion rules for any given launch so bonuses and promotions will vary.

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  • BONUS #1a:
    Ipad 2… YES the new one. Not the old one
  • BONUS #1b:
    FULL HD video studio with light kit, microphone, tripod, and green screen.
  • BONUS #1c:
    MSMM Platinum Package Done for you
    The pricing guide in the video is direct from a system that Brendon Burchard’s friend Mike Koenigs made. I will spend the time with you it takes to create an AMAZING sales funnel, and a full on marketing campaign.
  • Bonus 1f: make a suggestion on my website!
  • BONUS #2.
    TOTAL  SEO  FUSION. I will personally do an SEO campaign for you to get you started. What does this mean? Take a look at my Total SEO blueprint
    (steal it if you like)I am going to register you for over 200 different sites… 3 times each. So I will be registering you a username and password over 600 times!
    And then I will use this SEO Fusion Blueprint that I show you in the video.
  • Bonus #3
    Customized WordPress Lead Generation Site
    Using a theme made by the creators of Brendon Burchard’s websites!
    Including total product blueprint!
  • Bonus #4
    YouTube optimization… Get you 200 NICHE SPECIFIC friends, a bunch of subscribers and views! You Tube and social media are the future of marketing.
  • Bonus 5:
    2 keyword research and/or content creation calls where I make content with you recording an interview. This content will be blasted into my seo fusion model.
  • Bonus #6
    A membership site, where I will show you every single move I make, and exactly how I make it… Including the bonuses like my total SEO FUSION blueprint. You will get full videos of 100% of example personal projects that I do… Not to mention a rocking forum… Go ahead… Peak over my shoulder… And talk about it in the forum. Steal my every move.

It was the worst day of my life. I found out about an awesome product and I bought it.  OK, that part was good. It was and is an awesome product. I was excited! I searched about the product to see how others felt, and I realized I could have gotten a bonus COMPUTER withy purchase if I went through another affiliate. The guy who sent me to the product just said: “this is a great product” no bonus, no nothing.
I felt cheated.
Long story short, I Started noticing that other people were giving away LAME bonuses like PLR courses and junk info products that do nothing more than overload me with information, confuse me, or simply waste my time.

Then I finally got a bonus that changed my life. It was less than a year ago, I got a life changing email from Eben Pagan. It introduced me to a new product called affilo-jetpack, affilo jetpack gave me an auto responder series that was niche specific to my list, and it is still making me sales to this day, but what REALLY started making me money, was the events that arose from Eben’s bonus. His bonus was a limited time membership to his coaching club, called the ignition coaching club. It is run and hosted by Lou D’Alo, who is the best coach I have ever come accross. I realized that I was spending huge amounts of money on high ticket courses, but that they were not and could not be geared towards me. Coaching on the other hand is customized, and it rocks.

The coaching calls were not at a time that I could attend, so I was stuck with the recordings in almost every case, and I knew I could get way more if I could be inside the calls, asking the questions I needed answered. I later found out that Lou was coming out with a new product in conjunction with Chris Haddad, called the video sales letter workshop. The coaching calls for that course were at a time that I could attend, and I skyrocketed to success almost immediately. I made a video sales letter for a $97 product, and I sold ten right out of the gate with my new video sales letter. That was a $970 profit in less than a month… the most I ever made before were random $27 commissions.

As you can imagine, I was jumping for joy. But it only got better. In the next few months I continued to create sales videos with the skills I learned, and I have been brining in anywhere from $18,000 to $4,000 per month. Now I won’t lie, that is gross profit, and in the end, almost every month has brought in between $2,000 to $3,000 dollars in money I get to keep.
Anyway, I decided to make my own bonus site with more value than any other bonus anyone had ever seen. Instead of giving away digital courses to take more of people’s time, I started to offer physical an done for you bonuses. Things like done for you websites, done for you keywords, and done for you traffic. I know I got as stuck as a piece of beaten down chewing gum in the carpet, trying to figure out the technical side of websites, launches, and product delivery. I also had a heck of a time trying to get traffic and then conversions. So I want to teach you what I learned in this membership site, that is still free but only for a limited time.
I will be turning the membership into a monthly paid membership in the near future.

So let me tell you what you are going to get when you sign up today:

You are going to get: My Traffic Process Revealed
1. My big secret to getting on the 1st page… It is sooo simple. I figured it out very quickly on my own, and I cannot believe more people are not doing this.
2. My keyword research process… keywords are everything, for now.
3. My techniques to increase the appeal of my YouTube page (you tube brings in a whole lot of my traffic)
4. How I make videos quickly and easily to put onto YouTube
5. How to optimize a youtube channel internally
6. How I optimize my YoutTube channels externally
7. $6 rock star traffic method that will get you the same quality campaign that would normally cost at least $3000 a year. And I show you how to make it all happen in a month.
8. An interview video with Chris Haddad the best copywriter I have ever come accross, where he teaches you his formula for a 6% conversion rate with Video Sales Letters
9. Not up yet, but I will show you exactly how I set up and create membership sites for myself and my clients.

You know your weak point. You know where you don’t measure up. And you know you have to decide what courses services and best for you. I will keep you informaed of all the new internet marketing launches that are worth your time, and I will offer a generous bonus package. That is all there is too it! I will always share a package of physical and/or done for you bonuses, along with screen captures of exactly how I easily provide you with high value services so you can do it for yourself if you so choose. You will also get first look access to all of the bonuses that I offer. And if you want to purchase a course I have not offered, let me know, and I will do my best to put together a bonus package for every course that I can.
So go ahead and get into my newsletter and members site.

Do it.