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Engagifire Review

Engagifire Price (9.5/10): There is no question, the price is very low for the value that you get. This is the first easy to customized popup builder I have seen THAT ALSO allows you to overlay the popup on someone elses site for instant authority. This should work very well in the fitness/health niches, as well as most other niches. Learning Curve (10/10): Super Easy… I think this is probably the easiest software I have ever used. I love love love, the way it helps me line up the individual elements of the form with “snapping lines” similar to...

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The email marketing trick I promised to show you

Here it is… (Update: you will also find the next video below) http://:// So… now that you know the trick, I would also like to tell you about What is possibly my biggest mistake as a marketer online. Tracking. I don’t track enough. I don’t know where most of my money comes in nor where most of it goes out. And that makes me one CRAPPY marketer. It is time for that to change. And I am pretty sure the best way to fix the problem is: http://:// take a look and leave a comment to let me know...

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Video 4: Email Frequency – how often should you really send emails?

. . Seriously how often should you email your list? Personally, I am shooting to email every day. Why? Because it really comes down to consistency. If I can consistently provide value on a daily basis, then I can consistently bring more traffic to my site, and get higher rankings and more engagement to make my site a place where more people interact with me (and soon others). Try making that happen with a monthly email. My site would be dead. No visitors from my list… means no people who already know who I am. You most likely came...

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Email Video 3: Write Copy for any product in just 5 minutes

Are you doing affiliate marketing? Why not get out more copy for more products to make more sales? What if you could write affiliate copy or any copy in 5 minutes?? The video above shows how I do it, and YES, it takes longer than 5 minutes because I explain what I am doing. (Note: If you want to learn what products you should be promoting in 2015, then you probably want to see the trends that are going to happen in 2015… and you can find that kind of information in the 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit notes that...

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Email Video 2: Should you use double or single opt in?

Seriously, is double opt in really needed? I think it is sometimes, and it is not sometimes. Laws are getting stricter, and “opting out” of double opt in is becoming more dangerous to marketers, especially in Canada. (Note, you can learn why they are saying ONLY paid traffic will survive in the 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit notes that you can find here) Regardless of whether you use single or double opt in… I think it is very important that you at least try out 2 step optin If you are going to use 2 step opt in, you have...

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My current fav new product: EverWebinar!

EverWebinar Bonus Click the link above to see the product.

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